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 City Announcements

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 12/18/2012 12:25 AM
Welcome to the new City of Lancaster SharePoint Internet Site.  Please check back often for updates.

 Electronic Development Announcements

Status of Electronic Development Projects 
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 12/18/2012 12:30 AM
We are pleased to announce that the status of the City of Lancaster's Development Projects are now available on-line.  For Status of current projects, please click on the status menu option to the left of this announcement.

 Community Calendar

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  Farmers Market
  Heart Sounds Annual Charity Gala - Flirty 40s (The Children's Center of the Antelope Valley)
  Roberta Flack
  Farmers Market
  The Midtown Men
  Direct from Moscow Russia - Russian National Ballet theatre-Don Quixote
  Farmers Market
  Jim Henson's Dinosaur Train - Live - Buddy's Big Adventure
  Farmers Market
  Antelope Valley Board of Trade's 2015 Business Outlook Conference
  it gets better

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 Project Status

CUP 11-0110-year Master Plan for Sacred Heart Church
CUP 11-023 Megawatt solar facility, RR-2.5
CUP 11-0310 Megawatt solar facility, RR-2.5
CUP 11-04
CUP 11-0520 Megawatt solar facility
CUP 11-0620 Megawatt solar facility, RR-2.5
CUP 11-0730 Megawatt solar facility, Rr-2.5, UR, SP
CUP 11-08Restaurant - Type 41 alcohol license with arcade and video games
CUP 11-09Residential Planned Development for 68 single family dwellings, drainage channel, and park
CUP 11-10Live entertainment and type 42 alcohol license
CUP 11-11
CUP 11-12Church
CUP 11-13Brewing company
CUP 11-14Church in an existing building in the LI Zone
CUP 11-15Church in an existing building in the LI Zone